Shredder Ate My tail, Jacqueline Pansy

Shredder Ate My tail, Jacqueline PansyShredder Ate My Tail is a story about a sad little fish that is teased and tormented for having a handicapped tail. Along with his two friends, a hip little electric eel and a delightful little mermaid, set out to find the jolly old octopus, who happens to be very handy, full of ideas and rumor has it can fix anything, so why not the little fish’s tail. But just when things are looking up, a meaner than mean shark, Shredder goes on the prowl. Hardy…har…har I’m meaner than mean, I’ve swallowed men whole and spit out their bones, I’ve decorated me home with all those bones. Oh how Shredder’s voice sends a fear so deep through our little friends that they must use their brains and reach deep within their selves finding the courage to save one another, each and every time Shredder is about to chomp down. Children will sit on the edge of their seats as the excitement builds and will cheer as Shredder is foiled time after time. The art work as well as the story is bright, colorful, cute, original and exciting! Обо всём этом и не только в книге Shredder Ate My tail (Jacqueline Pansy)

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